Your school and your family –
are you happy in this relationship?

Event held on Thursday 29th September 2016

at Mari Vanna Restaurant, 116 Knightsbridge London SW1X 7PJ

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There’s no doubt that every family and their child’s school is in a relationship. But what kind of a relationship is it? Is this a warm friendship, a business partnership, or more like a cold war? What’s normal, anyway? And what would a “perfect relationship” with a school mean, and is it ever possible to achieve it?

In my conversations with parents, on a regular basis the discussion turns to relationships with schools. A small selection of recent questions would include such topics as

“Help! My child has a teacher who can’t control the class/shouts/doesn’t smile/can’t teach. How do I complain?”

“My child hates her teacher. And so do I. What should I do?”

“I’d like to talk to my child’s teacher but she seems never to have time for me. How do I get some “quality time” with her?”

“Why is there so much homework? What’s considered “right” for different ages?”

“It irritates me when the school asks my child to make things at home. Why do they do it?”

“When it comes to after school activities, why is the English approach to do everything at an “amateur” level rather than choosing one thing to do very well?”

“My child’s school doesn’t seem very concerned about helping my child to prepare for entrance exams at (7+/8+/11+) – what can I do?”

“Everyone else’s child has private tutoring. Should we do this too?”

I am very grateful to Giles Tollit, Headmaster of Horris Hill School and Helen Snow, Headmistress of Sunny Hill School for coming to answer these and many other questions. Discussions during the morning ranged widely, and many topics were discussed, often in depth. Follow up this event by reading something thought-provoking about schools and raising children – see my recommendations for some ideas.

Event held in association with Natalia Kuznetsova-Rice and Russian Moms in London.

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