Hylle Royce Methodology

Successful investors rely on knowledge and expertise concerning investments in business, property, resources and different kinds of financial instruments. Informing their decision-making process are advisers, institutions, consultants, strategists, risk analysts, forecasters, brokers, broadcasters, pundits and experts of many different kinds. All investment processes are supported by multiple sources of data, and a sophisticated information infrastructure to monitor performance constantly.

But none of this exists for one category of investment. Education.

Education is a type of investment that is totally different to all others. Of course, it can require substantial and extended financial commitment – but that is probably the only way it can be compared with other investments.


Education is the most important, complex, long-term, life-changing investment a family ever makes.

Like other investment decisions, decisions about education must be taken with the long-term in mind – even though it is sometimes necessary to take rapid action in the short-term. This means that a combination of data, in-depth professional knowledge and sound judgement are essential. And because education is such a personal investment, alongside these must go insight, experience, kindness and an ability to empathise with clients. These are the qualities that define the Hylle Royce Education methodology.

Expert access to the world of education
An investment class paying unique dividends
Growing up in multiple cultures in the 21st Century
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